Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our December so far....

Santa came to our house early this year!

....and he looked just like a peddler opening his pack!

Allison performed in more concerts, this choir really is amazing! Here's another clip for my parents!! Love you!


We've had snow, snow and more snow! The kids had to get their winter boots a little early, we couldn't wait for Santa!

Christmas turkeys? There were 3 of these guys and they had the whole place to themselves at the Ogden Nature Center. I'm very grateful for bloggers that let me know when these wonderful places are open for free. They have a huge collection of handmade birdhouses there, this was our favorite one- a little birdhouse old west town. Tommy was hilarious while we were there last Saturday. He went on a field trip with his Kindergarten class a few weeks ago, so he was the expert on the nature center. We saw the "Happy Owl." And he saw "the biggest bird I've never seen!" While driving home, we saw a train moving very slowly. He said it was going slow because it was too cold. I laughed all day. Allison and Tommy accompanied me on a super bargain trip to Target where I bought 4 boxes of Frosted Flakes, 2 4-packs of lightbulbs and some Clean and Clear face wash all for $1.24! Ha ha, it does take some planning and a lot of strategy for those kind of trips!

And, last, but not least- Christmas cookies! I thought Tommy looked extra nice in the gingerbread apron! Here he is picking out the Christmas cookie cutters.

Cutting it just right.....

Got it! Yum, yum! I hope you all are having a fantastic Christmas season!

*I realize this post has a serious lack of Becca. She has been busy going to ice skating parties, playing her violin, making crafts out of paper towel tubes and cleaning her room!


Shelley said...

It looks like you guys are having lots of fun! Carson keeps bugging me about making gingerbread men cookies. I might just have to do it out of sugar cookie dough like you guys did, because I don't think he'll eat gingerbread. And thanks for sharing your great deals with me!

Lindsay said...

I love the Becca update at the end. She is a crafter/creator and a talented one at that. Tommy sure is a handsome little guy. That kid has got a serious head of hair! Can't wait to hear Alli sing in the choir:)

Jill Collier said...

You guys are busy! Your kids are all so talented and cute! Tommy looks very grown up and handsome in those pictures. Love you guys!

Mary said...

Loads of fun at your house! Sheesh, that is great (-: We miss you guys, but thank goodness for blogs to stay in touch!

BTW: Have you received your 50 free Christmas cards yet?? I'm kind of getting nervous!! I might have to actually PAY for mine this year!

Melissa said...

Tommy is such a handsome little guy....all dressed up and making cookies! You guys know how to have fun!

nelsonjeneen said...

Oh I so wanted to go to the Ogden Nature Center! But are kids had colds... and we missed a FREE day to go. ugh bummer. Looks like you had a lot of fun.