Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom fashion show

I was invited to a 'Girls Night Out' for Allison's Young Women activity. I knew that they were to serve dinner, but that's all I knew about the night. Allison had this huge shopping bag with her and told me that I couldn't look at it. Hmm.... something was up!

So, we get to the church and the place is decked out with flowers and a gorgeous display of the dinner foods. We played a 'Newlywed' type game where they tested us to see how much the mothers and daughters knew each other.

After dinner, the Young Women President announced that the girls brought some items to 'dress up' their Moms for a Mom Fashion Show. The girls were to dress up their moms with accessories and such and then tell special things about them. Oh boy, I knew why Allison was being so secretive with the shopping bag. I saw some of the other moms getting dressed up in things like gardening gloves and hat, one mom was wearing a Lowe's apron and bandana on her head, a lady we visit teach had curlers in her hair and a leopard skin print robe on, and another was wrapped up in a toilet paper dress.

Allison took me to the restroom where she said I should get changed. I was nervous about what dress up accessories she pulled out of the play area. We get into the restroom and she pulls out.... a bridesmaid's dress! (Yes, Melissa, the one from your wedding!) Allison took to heart the whole "Fashion Show" idea and thought that I should look my very best. She also brought my heels and a flower clip to put in my hair. I thought it was so sweet!

When I walked out in front of the other girls and moms, this is what Allison said about me: "My mom likes to think of fun things for us to do. But we can't spend a lot of money, so she makes a game out of pullling weeds and raking leaves. She also makes good food and she knows how to make everything homemade like bread and milk." She said some more things, as well, like she has a dress like the one she dressed me up in, etc. She's just adorable, and I wanted to share this story with you, and also have it recorded so I'll always remember.

Happy Mother's Day to all you awesome Moms!


Heather said...

Hey! So I take it you DID NOT have your camera eh? I was really hoping for some fun pictures!!! LOL

Heather said...

Heather, don't you worry, Sister Green had her camera there! I'm sure that you will get to view the pictures at some point at church!