Friday, May 14, 2010

More dress-up fun at the Treehouse Museum

"I dub thee... Sir Thomas!" Tommy & his Kindergarten class had a field trip at the Treehouse Museum. He was chosen as the 21-year-old knight, the one that gets the armor! The Treehouse volunteer is showing the "king" how to dub Tommy in the pic above.

Yay! Sir Thomas!

The kids are looking at the knight's armor here! Ooooh... aaaahhh!

Preping for the armor helmet- first the little black cap... I don't know what this is called.

Next came to chain mail. Everyone in Tommy's class got to feel it before he got to wear it. It's really soft!

And... the helmet! It was really heavy, so he only wore it for a second or two.

They are acting out a story where the knight marries the ugly princess. The king lost a contest!

He kissed her (not really) and she turned into a beautiful princess! Whalaa!!
Next came the theatre where all the children got to dress up and play parts of the Three Little Pigs Story. Tommy was a crow. This group of birds helped the first little pig to build his house of straw. Well, the other birds are helping and Tommy is posing for the picture!

There we go... now he's a good little bird helper!

And to top the day off, one more dress-up: the firefighter! This was a super fun field trip- I'm so glad I was able to go!


nelsonjeneen said...

We love Treehouse Museum! We like to go on Friday nights and the kids can spend at least 2 hours there.

Heather said...

Great Pictures!! I just love the Treehouse!!! I'm glad to see how involved Tommy got! What a neat experience!

Mary said...

Fun trip Tommy! The knights armor was really cool! Wow, what fun field trips kids get to take these days! I almost feel gipped, hahaha.