Saturday, May 1, 2010

Primary teachers

Tommy has these amazing Primary teachers. They are a retired couple that LOVE their huge 15+ kid CTR 5 class. We took them some treats about a month ago just to see them and chat for awhile. We met their 2 little dogs and noticed that their family picture included their dogs.

So, when Tommy came home from church last Sunday and told us that one of their dogs got run over the day before, we were really worried. It's all he could talk about. "The doggy ran out the back door and the car runned him over. And he died."

When Becca said the prayer on the food for dinner, Tommy scolded her for not blessing the Burkes because their dog died.

He also added another little tidbit about the Burkes running into a moose! What!?

Anyhow, we were worried for the Burkes losing their dog and we decided to take them another plate of cookies. What else can we do when someone loses something/someone close to them?

We get to the Burkes house, and their 2 dogs are running around the house! They were probably wondering why we were coming over with treats in hand... again. So we tell them that Tommy told us that their dog got run over the day before and that he was killed.

They said, "Oh, we told them about our little dog that was killed on Halloween two years ago!" Okay, well he got part of the story right. He just got the day that it happened a little off. At least we know that he's listening in Primary, right?

By the way, the Burkes had run into a moose! They had a terrible accident two years ago in Wyoming. They ran right into a standing moose on the freeway. Wow. They showed us the pictures of their truck. Oh my goodness! It's a miracle they are still alive. We're glad they're here to teach our innocent little Primary boy.

By the way, Tommy still scolds us for not praying about the little dog that was killed in car accident. :)


Shelley said...

That's a cute story. My boys like to scold each other when they forget to say certain things in prayers too. I love the way little kids think!

Jill Collier said...

That is so funny! How cute that he was concerned about them!