Thursday, October 21, 2010

Funny things

Some funny tidbits about our family:

1. Thomas came home from school yesterday and said "Allison loves me."

"Of course Allison loves you!" I say. No- this is a different. Allison is a little girl in the 1st grade & has a crush on Tommy. What?! He told his Dad, "Allison wants to date me." We introduced Tommy to our family rule of no boyfriends/girlfriends until 18. He doesn't seem interested anyway.

2. When Tommy gets upset with Allison (his sister), he tells her: "I'm not going to marry you! I'm going to marry someone else instead."

3. I ordered Becca and Tommy's Halloween costumes through a Groupon deal and had to order them separately to get two. Becca's arrived yesterday (a pink hippie costume) and Tommy's (Stormtrooper) is still nowhere to be seen. Eek!

4. I'm trying to be a more balanced person after the move, etc. I was so focused on trying to make my blog work so that I could help support the family from home if I could. It's actually turned out to be a blessing for us! It does make some money for us on the side and that has helped us get reestablished in a new place. The crazy thing is that Family Fresh Foods opened when we moved to Ogden and they started doubling coupons in January. That's when I decided to start a blog. This week Family Fresh Foods is closing! So sad...

5. It's still summer here. When do the leaves change in Texas?

6. John is getting some nice perks at work in the way of food: free lunches and dinners, and even came home with a gift pack from a hotel full of cookies and snacks- wow! You're not going to get those kind of perks being self-employed. He took me to a BBQ restaurant last week that was to-die-for! The gift certificate for the restaurant came through work- yay!

7. I started teaching piano lessons again (our piano was shipped here from Utah- thanks to John's Grandma!) and I have 2 students so far. I am trading lessons for one of the students for hair services from his mom. I like the barter system.

8. John has a calling in the Cub Scouts- Bear leader and I am in the Nursery. The first two weeks in Nursery were HORRIBLE, but last Sunday was better. I'm with the older group, so they'll all be graduating into Primary in January! Hopefully, I'll get the sweet 18 month olds after that. Oh wait .....

9. Allison is auditioning for a solo in her school choir today, "God Bless The U.S.A."

10. Thomas made friends with a little boy in his class that lives about 4 doors down from us (so he's really close!) I went to meet his family last week and they are from Zimbabwe! It was really fun to meet them and talk to them- I felt like I was in London again.

11. Texas is a VERY conservative place and there are hardly any billboards around. (Nice!) Most Texans are church-goers on Sunday morning, but go to events on Sunday night like it's Friday or Saturday. Neighborhood parties, The Mickey Mouse show, concerts, etc. all happening on Sunday night!

12. My bishop's wife makes better rolls than I do. She's my visiting teaching partner so I'm pretty sure I can score the recipe.

13. There's a neighborhood here where all the streets are named after the Monopoly properties.

14. I went to Tommy's IEP meeting this morning- it's called ARD here. John joined us by conference call from work. It was him on the phone and 7 women at the school! Wow, Tommy has quite a team to help him. He will be getting resource help with his reading, but they determined that he is performing normally in math!

15. John received President Monson's biography for his birthday. (Thanks, Mom & Dad!) It's very funny and we've really been enjoying it!

16. Becca gave her best friend at school a pass-along card. She also attends church and was a new move-in when we were.

17. Tommy continues to amaze us with his musical abilities. John set up the practice pad and a few drums right in the living room. It's very entertaining!

18. No basement here and you cannot store food storage items in the garage because of the summer heat. We have three closets full of wheat, rice, beans and oatmeal!

19. I could go on and on, but I'll stop for today! This is an easy way to get our tidbits of news out to everyone! Love you!


trumpet girl said...

I love reading your blog. My husband and I are both native Texans, so it seems so normal to me. It is fun to see things through your eyes! By the way, the leaves don't change here. You will wake up one morning and they are all dead and on the ground.

Heather said...

WHAAAAAT?!!!! (About the leaves) This is not good news!

Jill said...

That was a great way to give us all a peak into your lives! I enjoyed reading it. :-) I am SO glad things are working out for you guys. You deserve all the work perks and happiness that comes your way!!

Jenni said...

Sounds like your family is doing well! Sounds like your Tommy is going to be girl crazy...and a heart breaker (cute)! Keep us posted on what's going on!!! :)

nelsonjeneen said...

Sounds like a lot of perks! I heard about Family Fresh closing too. That is so sad b/c they are such a good store.

Ryans said...

Oh, how sad about the leaves - maybe we can send you some fall in a box! Chris has been collecting some of the brighter ones and pressing them and we now have a PA wall hanging. Debbie got a little upset when we read the part about a girl liking Tommy, I felt a little bad to break her heart (she tells us all the time that her and Tommy are 'confirmed' to each other - not quite sure where she got that) but I guess it's time she learns she can't marry her cousin!

Heather said...

Ha ha, Lorraine! Tommy has mentioned that he's going to marry Debbie when he gets older... :) That's so funny! We would appreciate some red and yellow and orange leaves- I'm not sure we'll see any in real life this year! :)