Sunday, October 17, 2010

Texas State Fair

We were able to attend the Texas State Fair on Saturday! It was John's birthday and our bro and sis down here got us tickets. It was a crowded, but very fun day!

Tommy and Henry are little buddies. Tommy is always disappointed when he comes to visit and can't sleep over. They are cute little friends!

At the Ford displays. These are our favorites, Josh! ;)

The Birthday Dad and son wishing they were rocking out on the stage behind them.

We loved this cute little farm they had for kids! Tommy got an apron and a bucket of corn and fed the animals at each station. He also got to put the milkers on the cow, gather eggs, and plant seeds in the garden.

At the end of the farm, you got to turn in your vegetables, etc. and get paid. They gave all the kids a paper dollar and they got to go to the "store" and buy a snack with the fake dollar.

Allison was a good sport through the whole thing and helped Tommy out at the farm. We liked the way Tommy's arm matched in this picture!

We are loving Texas. It's truly a wonderful place! We miss our sweet family and friends but hope that someday we'll have visitors...? I still can't wrap my mind around being so far away. I keep thinking we'll be back in Utah next week for a visit. Reality will probably set in around Christmas time. We're happy that we have blogs and such to keep in touch!

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