Monday, October 4, 2010


Our poor little family blog is so neglected.... it's true. In my defense, I've tried for days to upload pictures and for some reason it wouldn't work! So here are the two handsome men in our family at our church in Frisco. The weather finally cooled off last week!

The kids have loved the long summer. They even went swimming between conference sessions on Saturday.

We had a few field trips to Old McKinney and loved the colonial houses. There are quite a few and they are kept up really nice. The kids were ooohing and aaahing over them and the girls told us which house they are going to live in when they grow up.

The reason we were in McKinney was for a less glamorous reason: laundromat. There's one miles away and it happens to be near these gorgeous older homes.

We finally figured out at home (on dryer #3) that there must be something wrong with our electrical connection. Well, actually, we weren't that smart, the Spirit told me that it wasn't these poor dryers fault!

Our dryer now works as of today and boy, do I have some catching up to do! I was kind of enjoying doing laundry only once a week. The laundromat is not a bad way to go, if you have to. I would wash loads all day on Monday, load up the wet clothes after dinner with the family, 40 minutes in the dryers, everyone helps fold- boom! You're done! Now it's back to the regular way.... a few loads everyday. :)

We had a little family party with Josh & Mary's family.... for Allison's big 13th birthday. She was so excited for her big day and really wanted to have a swimming party- she'd never had one and this would be a first! We unfortunately got rained out of that idea. We stayed inside and decorated these silly cupcakes and watched old home movies instead.

Yay for a cute new dress!

Henry's silly jack 'o lantern pumpkin. Mary saw this picture and said, "That is so Henry!" Such a sweet boy!

Janie likes to hide in the space between our fridge and the wall.

More of downtown McKinney. There are a ton of tourist specialty shops (including a ski shop??), the girls really liked this girly-girl party store.

Me and John Ryan. Thomas took this picture..... upside down!

They're ready for Halloween in McKinney!

Rebecca and Thomas in front of their elementary school. They walk back and forth about 3 blocks each morning and afternoon. It's a little opposite here- elementary starts early and middle school starts 40 minutes later. They also have full-day Kindergarten. We are very impressed with the schools and the staff- everyone has been wonderful! Becca is running for student council secretary and will go on a 3-day, 2-night camping trip for a field trip in December. She has all the luck when it comes to field trips!

More of McKinney! Sorry I didn't bother to put the pictures in order, I'm going to be elated to finally get them up! There are a lot of sidewalk cafes downtown as well- we can't wait to show the grandmas and grandpas around this place! The girls think this will be the perfect destination for their Daddy-daughter dates. We'll see....


Lindsay said...

What a great place to live. I want to live in one of those houses:)

Mary said...

Fun pictures! Now I want to come check out Downtown McKinney too! Looking forward to Saturday :-)

Jenni said...

Looks like you guys are having way too much fun! I'm so glad (but hope you slightly miss us too...). Poor Allison, I hope she understands that in Texas, there will be many opportunities for swim parties!!! (Too bad her b-day didn't work out.) :)

Heather said...

We'll have to post more pictures of the homes- they are awesome!

@ Mary- so excited for Saturday! Texas State Fair! Texas must have the biggest of the big things there, including the pigs!

Jenni- of course we miss you! We feel like we'll be back next week, I don't think reality has hit us yet!

Jill Collier said...

I'm jealous, looks like fun there! Here it is raining/cloudy all day now, yuck! We miss you guys!

jim said...

I really enjoyed the pictures, seeing your fun times! Love you guys!