Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas & Our Happy New Year!

Santa got cookies and Sprite this year. (Thomas thought that the milk might get too warm while waiting for Santa.) Oh, and we always leave a banana for Rudolph. Allison had 2 elves visit her classroom in Kindergarten and they told the children that Rudolph prefers a banana over carrots. Silly Rudolph always throws the banana peel to the ground on Christmas Eve!

Our beautiful girls.

Christmas morning- oooh, the anticipation!

We're at some shops near John's work. (Santa got him a new office.... his very own!) This is a posh part of town and the closest we could get (as far as lights go) to Temple Square. We went to John's work party and had a great time. He works with some wonderful people and we were so glad to meet them.

We've got to get one of these for our yard next year!

Believe it or not, this was the best pic we could get of the Texas cousins together! (Sorry, Henry.) The kids love having Jane and Henry over!

This is before.....

And this is AFTER!!! Can you tell the difference? We got a nice camera, we're so excited! (The first few pictures were taken with a camera that we returned to Wal-mart....)

Great picture of John with his kids! (I need someone to photoshop me out... or in? this one!)

We missed getting Allison's school picture, so we ran over to get one on Sunday. Happy New Year all!


Shelley said...

If you really want, send me the picture and I can Photoshop it for you! I had the worst luck with a camera from Wal-Mart too and didn't realize you had to return it within 30 days. I was 5 days late and now I am trying to get rid of it on KSL!

Heather said...

That would be great, Shelley! Thanks so much. (The first in a long list of things I need to ask you to do for me....)
That's too bad about your camera- our first one was so crummy. I'm sure you'll be able to sell on ksl- they were a great resource for us. :)

jim said...

Great to see your Christmas pictures and how much fun you had!