Monday, January 24, 2011

We do cool stuff, too...

I guess this blog doesn't have to be all about our kids? Sometimes John and I do interesting things, too. (Emphasis on sometimes.)

John was able to go on a trip to Kansas City, Missouri. He went to check out the meeting place for some training their company had planned. The meeting place checked out, so he had the afternoon to travel a bit. He drove over to Independence and Liberty.

Something I didn't know about Liberty Jail is that there is a building built around the jail and visitors center. Brrr... such a cold place!

This view shows the thickness of the walls of the jail. You can see the tiny window above the mannequin's head as well. Dreadful place, but wow- the revelations Joseph Smith was given here!

This is one of many beautiful sculptures at the Independence Visitors Center.

This picture is my big adventure "out" -paid 89 cents for the items above and got a $10 coupon to spend next time! I'm also in the middle of redesigning and moving my blog to Wordpress. I guess Wordpress is the way to go for a commerical website- who knew?

Shelley is helping me out once again with a new header and pictures- thank goodness! My goal is to be as much worth financially at home than I would be teaching school. Hmmm... I'm getting there! (Having 9 piano students helps as well.) I also want to help other stay-at-home moms as well, so it's all good.

The other exciting thing about the shopping picture is the new washing machine! (Well, new-used.) Our old washer was dying and we knew it needed to be replaced soon. It was leaking sporadically and the repair man told us that when the pump finally went out, we would have a flood. Eeek. We had a tender mercy (for a washer... I know!) in that the pump didn't give out until the payday that we intended to get the new washer. Luckily I was watching carefully when the water started to spew out and I was able to stop the washer before we had a real flood. Just one of many blessings- we are always in awe of Heavenly Father's goodness to us!

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Shelley said...

Hopefully we'll get it all done soon! I am going to work on it tonight! :)