Saturday, June 11, 2011

Catching up with Cousins

John and I had a record # SEVEN nieces & nephews born this last year. We've been meeting these new little cuties over the past few weeks. (And we look forward to meeting Sophie in OR and Will in TX hopefully soon!;)

Here are a few pictures of our "meeting up" with all of our fantastic cousins:

Their Great-Grandma aka "G.G." had her 80th birthday party! All 18 cousins together at last!

Another photo op with Grandma and Grandpa Blackwell. This was after Melissa & Ryan's little Tyson was blessed.

Lexi and Abbi.

Get hairstyle lessons from Emilee. :)

Me with my awesome grandparents, Grammy and Papa!

2 cool guys.

These 3 will be seven-years-old this year! (Well, Parker's already there....)

Alli and Zoe.

Rebecca and Hallie.

With even more baby cousins: Claire & Tyson.

We also snuck in a trip to This Is The Place Park with the Jones family. Here are the kids on the train.

We don't remember this happening, but here's a picture of it anyway!

In front of our ancestral home, The Fairbanks. They crossed the plains and then spent the winter in Payson in their wagon. Brrr..... wow. We're grateful for their sacrifices.

It was free day + free ice cream to boot! That's my kind of outing. :)

Mataya was surprisingly right at home with the goats. She acted so relaxed and calm- it was pretty funny!

My cute girls- what would I do without them?!


Jill said...

Seven!? Wow! Casie was born in a batch of 5 cousins and I thought that was a lot! How fun!

Shelley said...

Too bad i didn't run into you last Friday. We braved free day too. :)

Jill Collier said...

Wow, that is a lot of new cousins!! I didn't realize there were that many!! I'll have to tell Hallie that one day :) Your girls are so cute with the babies and with my girls, they love playing with Alli and Becca :)

Alli said...

Love the pictures- really cute! I really loved "This is the Place" park- fun! :) Thanks for the pics, Mom! Love you!