Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Fodder's Day!

For Father's Day (known as "Fodder's Day" at our house), I decided to get sick. :( So, the kids really stepped up to make it a nice Sunday for Dad. John, however, cooked, cleaned, mowed 2 lawns, helped the neighbors move, and took the kids shopping (with his $$) on Saturday- phew! What a Dad!

They rewarded him with these cute Star Wars Father's Day surprises. (Ideas here- if you want to try them out for next year or birthdays!)

Droid Chips, Wookie Cookies, Han's Rolos, Yoda Soda, Vaderade and more...

Father's Day tie!

Daddy's request for Father's Day dinner: hamburgers, beans, potato salad.

These have nothing to do with Father's Day- they are Becca's chinchillas! "Cocoa" and "Cream"

She scored these for free from ksl classifieds- huge cage (taller than she is) (Becca informed me that she is 1 inch taller then the cage!), food & accessories included! She is in heaven with pets of her own, finally! :)

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Jenni said...

What a sweet fodder to do all of that on HIS day! ;) I can't believe that about you guys living down the street from the Stoddart's! We actually have Kirby (their dog) with us right now (puppy-sitting). :)