Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lots of rain makes Beautiful Rainbows

Rebecca was chosen to represent Pocahontas for her class history presentation. She even did it twice for her class so I could come and take her picture! :) Isn't her poster fantastic!?

Thomas was the "catch of the week" in his 1st grade class. He filled his "About Me" bag with a Star Wars 4 DVD, Star Wars Wii game, his light saber, and his Dad's Star Wars ship. Yes, we know what Thomas is all about these days!

My guys at a crazy Monkey bouncy place.

Rebecca gave her Pocahontas report again for the school assembly! She upgraded her costume with the help of a nice neighbor.

We got to sit by some of our favorite people, the Trainors, from our Riverton ward! (Unfortunately, not pictured- we did catch "John Smith" in the back, however.)

Jumping on the trampoline is fun to do....

....especially when it looks like you're flying over the mountains.

Allison got to sing in one more choir concert. (Look at their cute pianist!)

We visited Matthew's grave for the 4th Memorial Day in a row. Wow, the years are flying by and each year brings us closer to the time when we see him again. That makes me happy.

Brothers. :)


Shelley said...

Even though moving was probably not fun, at least you are close to Matthew's grave again. What a huge blessing that must be!

Heather said...

It is, thanks Shelley! That was one thing I worried about when we left for Texas.

Melissa said...

The "brothers" pic made me cry.....looks like your kids are right in the swing of things at school. They are amazing.

Alli said...

That was sure an eventful week and a half- whew! :) Thanks for the cool posts, Mom!