Saturday, January 4, 2014


Thomas' Christmas program almost went down without a hitch (see previous blog post)... Santa and Mrs. Claus came to visit the kids of Marysvale right after the program. Thomas has been indecisive about what to ask for from Santa, because he asked for so many things from his Dad. :)

 I watched Thomas sit on Santa's lap for a minute and talk to him. When Santa handed him the Marysvale city bag of treats (lots of chocolates, candies, and peanuts), Thomas told him he couldn't have it. (Breaks my heart!) Santa and Mrs. Claus looked confused and then set the bag down again. Thomas came off the stage to me and hugged me and cried and cried. He said, "Doesn't Santa know I can't have treats?!" I think the crying was partly from the candy/Santa not knowing and also the adrenaline rush of the play being put on and then suddenly being over. He really loved the play and the songs and everything about it and put his whole heart into the practices and the performance. Luckily, we have had Christmas break to rest and recover from all the excitement!

 The picture above is from 2 days after the Christmas program, my friend told me that Santa and Mrs. Claus were visiting all the houses in Marysvale on Saturday morning! I asked them to send Santa a message to ask them not to offer Thomas any of the Christmas candy. It worked great! Thomas got to talk to them for a minute or two and I snapped a picture. Santa arrived in style in the town's fire truck complete with the lights and siren!

Christmas morning... Allison and Becca received "money trees" so they could do some of their own shopping and Thomas received an Xbox, new Xbox game, and a Lego set from Dad! Santa brought me a Ninja Blender! I'm so excited, I use the blender for lots of things: smoothies, desserts, soups, even flours. I couldn't believe it.


So... after all the requests from Dad for Christmas, Thomas got a.... SUIT and some clothes from Santa! That's all the room there was left in the budget for poor Santa. (Sorry Santa Claus!)

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Marianne said...

So glad to see you blogging again! And excited that you are having twins!