Thursday, June 26, 2008

House rules

Okay, we are finding out just how hilarious Rebecca can be! She brought home some papers for the end of the year (journals, portfolios, etc.) and check out what she wrote as the rules of our house! 1. No Smokeing! 2. Tern off the pergieter (projector). 3. Clean your room. John and I were really laughing at this and realizing how things must seem from her perspective.
This one says: "I went to the Tabernacle Choir. I didn't go in the real Tabernacle Choir. I went in a baby place." We visited the live broadcast of the choir on Labor Day weekend last year. Becca and Tommy were too young to go inside (you have to be 8 years old), so John took them to the assembly hall to listen and see it broadcast from there. She told me she called it a "baby place" because there were so many little kids there!


Jen Nelson said...

You have the most adorable children! That is funny stuff!

Hope to see you guys soon!

Cousin Jen

Mary said...

Love it! We sure miss you guys!!

Gavin and Jill Collier said...

I like the "no smoking", I think you guys have had a problem with that one for sure, huh! JK! She is so funny and cute and it does make you realize how much we say "no" or to do certain things, I think Abby thinks her name is "no" probably!

Jill said...

That is so cute. It's very important that our children know there is no smoking in the home! lol she is so adorable.