Sunday, June 15, 2008

John's pride and joy

This is a recent project of John's- no, not the fireplace, that was already there! Our home theater! We like to brag that we bought the couches and recliner on for a total of $125!

John's other pride and joy- besides his family, is music! He is a drummer in 2 bands: "Mammaz boyz" which plays classic rock, soul, and more old stuff- and a Rush tribute band. That really keeps him on his toes! We'll have more pictures of his bands later this summer when they do some "gigs."


Mary said...

What a great new place to live! Thanks so much for inviting me to view your blog...I love being able to keep in touch and updated on how my family is doing. We miss you all! And love you!!!

shelley.blackwell said...

I love your blog, Ryans! It is fun to see the pictures and read about each member of the family. It will be nice to watch for updates. I love all of you! Grandma Blackwell