Monday, November 3, 2008

Is this the beginning of the end? (of childhood)

So, Allison came into my room last night and said very seriously, "Mom, can I ask you some questions about something I've been thinking about all week?" I told her of course, but was wondering???? She said, "Mom, does Santa really have reindeer that fly?" I could tell that she's been suspicious of the whole Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth fairy thing for awhile and knew this was inevitable. I talked to her about how these things are just a fun tradition for little kids, but Mom and Dad take care of Christmas, Easters, etc. She found us out! She said there were just too many stories: is it the elves make the toys, you have to help pay Santa for the toys, or the toys come from the store? I guess our stories just didn't wash in the end..... She also noticed that the tooth fairy's handwriting looked a lot like mine... oops!

I found some letters I've been saving to give to Allison that she wrote to Santa over the years- I thought you might like them!

No, she didn't get the puppy, but she got the pink robe she'd been dreaming about!

The Barbie castle request for her sister.
(Our favorite)


Dugovic Domain said...

Baaa ha ha ha! I am laughing hysterically- right out loud- all by myself in the office. Those are the sweetest letters I have ever read!Oh for the love of darling. I can't believe that one of her letters asked for stuff for Becca instead of herself! You have the most celestial children ever. And, the three nephites question pretty much made my year right there. That one is killer. I'd like to be a fly on the wall at one of your family home evenings! Geez.

Jill said...

That is so cute! Only your adorable Allison could come up with such letters. You are doing something very right with her! We miss her around here. Her BFF gets bored! :-)

Shelley said...

That last letter is GREAT. I wish I could think of somewhere you could send that one in to be published. TOO funny!

jim said...

Okay, Alli is breaking my heart, can we have a quiet moment here?
Thanks for sharing the letters, they are so precious.

Mary said...

Those are so sweet! It's great that you saved them, thanks for sharing! We love you guys!