Sunday, February 22, 2009

Memory Lane

What is it about old pictures that make us feel so happy?
I am grateful that John's mom has kept wonderful scrapbooks
of the family. I have been enjoying them so much!
So this is more for me than anyone else, but I've been
reminded of several things by looking over these images:
a. children grow up so fast!
b. I dwell on present trials too much
c. things really do work out- just like Pres. Hinckley said!
d. I have some really beautiful children

Baby Allison- who else would have those big blue eyes?

Baby Rebecca, getting checked out by Grandpa Ryan

Becca's orange nose shows in this one! She loved her veggies!


Shelley said...

You do have some very cute kids. I love looking at old pictures too and it is fun to see your kids when they were younger, before I knew them!

Jenni said...

What fun pictures and beautiful children! Thanks for sharing, those were neat to look at!

Marianne said...

Your kids sure are cute. It's neat that you could put it all into perspective. It's hard to do sometimes when you're so busy with the "now".

Darcie said...

I love all the pictures. I love the halloween picture I remember them coming around they were so cute. I had to laugh cause at first I thought Becca was Kennedy wearing that princess costume. He He, that costume has been wore alot. Shelby, Becca, Julie Campbell's daughter, Kennedy and my neice Avery. Funny!!

My kids LOVE looking at all the old pictures. Kennedy always thinks that she is Shelby and asks why she doesn't remember doing things. I to love looking at them but it makes me sad at how fast they grow.

We should really have you & your family out for a BBQ with all your Tooele friends... Maybe in the spring we can set something up.

Jill Collier said...

I remember these cuties as babies like it was yesterday, they have grown up so fast! They are so adorable!

linda said...

Hey Heather, speaking of memory lane, I came across a blog that I wanted to share with you. it is The post was called Tears in Heaven: A LDS Perspective on stillborn and miscarried babies.
(if you have a hard time linking to it, call me...)
I hope you will read this and find it helpful,...I did.
With love,

Lindsay said...

I love these pictures. Your girls are so cute.

Carrie said...

Great pictures, you have the cutest kids.