Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Tommy!

My baby boy turned five today, I guess I can't call him a baby anymore? I love the picture tributes a lot of you moms out there do for your child's birthday, thanks for the idea! It makes you realize how quickly they grow up!

Here's a couple of pics from the present day. Above, Tommy is "walking on Mars" with Rebecca at the Planetarium and below Tommy is showing off his new Spiderman suit- a new birthday present! Tommy is finished with pirates and can't get enough of Spiderman now! He really made me laugh when he put this cute suit on, it can double as a Halloween costume this year!

Tiny boy home from the hospital.

9 months old, we laugh at how his teeth came in with such a wide gap but gradually moved closer!

Father's Day 2005 with Grandma and Grandpa Ryan

14 months old

Halloween right after we moved to Melody Creek Circle-our favorite neighborhood in Riverton!

Tommy with his 2004 "boys" a.k.a. cousins, Beau and Parker

2 years old

We love you Tommy! You are such a special son and you have taught us so much!


Alli said...

You are right! Tommy grew up really fast! It only seems like yesterday I was holding him at the hospital.... but now, holding Tommy the five year-old is a challenge! I love you mom!!!

P.S. This is the first comment I have made without it saying 'Heather said....'

Shauna said...

Happy birthday Tommy! You sure are getting big! It seems like just yesterday they were little and know he is going to school soon! He is so handsome!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Tommy! Time goes by fast when you are having fun!