Sunday, November 9, 2008

Creative friends

Hello all my wonderful creative friends/family:
I am seriously considering starting my own little preschool and I think John is actually on board! I wonder if you could help me come up with a creative name?? My left-brainedness needs some help here! I need something fun, friendly, and maybe brainy? I want to do the little "prize give away" thing, also. If I choose your suggestion, winner gets... let's see... some freshly baked bread and homemade jam! Yummy!

Okay... time to edit here- coming up with a name is hard work! And I tried to let you all do it for me! So, John helped me tonight and here's a few we came up with. We decided not to get too creative (that will be obvious), or it may be hard to remember or spell! Could you help me out by voting??

ABC Preschool
Three Cheers Preschool
Small World Preschool
Super Kids
Superstar Preschool
Thanks y'all! (not a choice here)


Jill said...

I am going to enter your contest... I just need to think :-)....unless you think "Smart little farts" is cute. lol I'll need a little time.

Dugovic Domain said...

I like "Small Wonder Preschool" the best out of those choices. Some other names Kyle and I thought of were:
Alphabet Academy
American Prep
Hope that helps! I am so excited that you are doing this! I only wish that
1. I lived much, much closer and
2. I had a 3 or 4 year old who could attend! ha ha! You are so smart and great with kids, I'm sure it will be amazing(whatever it's called!)

Jen Nelson said...

Wasn't Small Wonder a TV show with a robot girl?

I like Superstar Preschool only because it makes me think of Molly Shannon and I laugh.

I like Laura's "Alphabet Academy"

How exciting! Whatever the name - it will be amazing! As soon as I'm pregnant I'll let you know to reserve a spot!

Mary said...

Hi Heather! My favorite is also "Alphabet Academy," and I am not creative enough right now to dream up a new name in addition. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

I think it is so neat you are doing this. I really like "Smart little farts", but I'm thinking that might not be a contender:)
I came up with "Little Learners". There have been a lot of great suggestions....good luck!

Marianne said...

My fav is alphabet academy!

Jill said...

I must have lost a few brain cells, I could only come up with two that I sorta liked. I think Smatie Pants Preschool is cute. I also liked Sunny Days has a bit of a Seasame street feel to it.

I also like ALL the ones listed. Aren't I so helpful?? :-) Good luck!!