Sunday, November 16, 2008

Peter Pan

Here are some images of Daybreak Community Theatre's Peter Pan. The girls had a blast! This play was all about fun and I decided there's nothing funner than watching your children doing something that they love!!

"This is my daughter, Jane."

"I know, I've been waiting for you."

"Think lovely, wonderful thoughts..."

"...and up you...."

"How sweet!"

"Please Mother, it's only for spring cleaning time."

"Off we go to Neverland!"


Marianne said...

Oh my goodness, Allison is the most beautiful little girl! You can tell she just had the greatest time! You are an awesome mom to support her through all the rehearsals and tryouts and etc etc. What an experience!

Shelley said...

I am sure she will remember that the rest of her life! That is so fun that they made her "fly" and everything!

Crystal said...

Looks like so much fun! Especially when Allison got to "fly." Both Allison and Becca look so cute! I'm glad they had fun. Now you get to be a stage mom!

Gavin and Jill Collier said...

I wish we could have come! The girls looked so cute! Looks like they did a good job!

jim said...

What fun to see the pictures of your play girls! You look so terrific! I'm sorry I missed it, but Grampa REALLY liked it! Alli, now you can say you flew!

linda said...

How fun! Was she scared to fly? They all look sooo must be a proud mom. Hey, you haven't called me. I don't know your #. I'd love to chat sometinme and catch up.

Mary said...

Wow, looks like such a fun performance! I apologize, I forgot to tell you that we really were planning on going, but we had already set up for Mom and dad to babysit Henry Sat morning so we could attend the temple. And, the morning took longer of course than we hoped it would. It was great going to the temple, but I'm SO sad i missed the play. I really hope there is one more before we leave in May! I'll make sure I'm there (: Love you guys! Way to go Allison and Rebecca!

Dugovic Domain said...

Wow, could your kids get any cuter? What a fantastic production - the costumes look just great! Ali looks like an absolute angel in her little night gown - you guys are gonna be pretty darn busy in the years to - you have quite the little actresses on your hands!

Heather said...

(Allison)- Yes, that was very fun flying and I wasn't scared a bit! I was having too much fun acting on stage!