Sunday, August 2, 2009

Filling in the gaps (of July)

We wanted to fill in the gaps of my blog with more awesome things we did this last month! We got to hang out with Miss Mataya......

....and meet little Miss Jane.

Tommy used part of his birthday money to buy a "Littlest Pet Shop" for his sick big sister.

4th of July!! John spent a lot of time teaching the kids "monkey in the middle." Kissing the baby goodbye. These are my little nieces- Chloe couldn't get enough of Lexi!

Girls unite! They are so outnumbered by the boys, these girls need to stick together!

Visiting the planetarium before we went our first ever protest. John and I went to the "Tea Party" on Capitol Hill.

Us at the 4th of July Kaysville parade. We like the Davis county crowd!!

We live in such a beautiful area! John and the girls are in Ogden Canyon here, it's so gorgeous!

24th of July- hiking and picnicking at Brighton with the Ryans.....

I'm sorry, we're city people.... oops!

This was our tour guide. We had to feed him lunch first....

Cool little spot in Highland! Next to the city offices, the kids loved it! The river and the rocks were the coolest!
Wet, again! My sister treated us to a free day at Lagoon, courtesy of her stake's tickets. 4 rides, ice cream, splash in the water and a walk around Pioneer Village!

My cute sister Lindsay, taking pictures for her blog!

We weren't counting on this "little" companion to help us pick apricots. Okay, this was a little shock after living in the Salt Lake area for the last 5 years. We stopped at a roadside place that had the sign "APRICOTS" and thought we could just buy them at a table or something. Instead, we met a man sitting in a little shack who told us to grab a bucket, pick the apricots, and oh... the goats really like little girls, they'll probably come with you!

Alrighty... they were a great help, trying to eat them! We were laughing the whole time, and we got 10 pounds of apricots for $6.00! You know me, I love to get a great deal and we made a lot of yummy apricot jam!!

That's almost the end... but not quite. I have to end on a Thomas Ryan quote of the day. Tommy was sent to a time out (for various offenses) and was trying to come out of his room a little too early. When I asked him to close his door and stay in for a while longer, he said, "But Mom, I listened to the Holy Ghost!"
"Oh, and what did the Holy Ghost tell you?"
"He said, 'No more time out!'"
How is a mother supposed to stay mad at this kid?


Lindsay said...

I LOVE all of those pictures. I'm so glad you guys live up here. You've already had many fun adventures. I love what Tommy said. I think when boys get around the age of 5 the stories begin!

Jill Collier said...

Such cute pictures! You guys have been busy! It is beautiful by your house!

Alli said...

That was a fun Fourth of July, I have to say. Keep doing the quotes of the day from Tommy.... they literally crack me up!!

Melissa said...

And Davis county loves you guys! Cute pictures....I love the one of Chloe kissing Lexi. I might have to steal it. We're so happy to have you living close by!