Thursday, August 20, 2009

Have you been to...?

...the Thanksgiving Point Gardens? Oh my goodness, this place is AMAZING. We have never been there before, we usually hit the farm or the Dino museum, but thought we'd take advantage of the $2 Tuesday and our last free week before school begins to see this place. We're so glad we did, the kids and I loved it! If you're able to, go next Tuesday for the last $2 day of the season. Admission for adults is normally $10! We don't want to give away too much, but here are a few pictures from our adventure. Above is the "Butterfly Garden."
The girls were really thrilled with the lily pads.

The Italian Garden

Looking down at the waterfalls

Me and Alli in the "Secret Garden"

Why can't my kids take a good picture when I do? Oh, and that's a very beautiful.... Sprite bottle on my lap!

The majestic waterfalls

Lots of hills make for lots of rolling!

Maybe we'll go again next Tuesday and see you there?


Shelley said...

Yay! I'm glad someone has been there and liked it. I am going to go this coming Tuesday and was hoping it would be worth it. Maybe we will see you there! :)

Crystal said...

Beautiful! Next time we can do your family pictures there. :) By the way, we can photoshop that Sprite bottle out.

Lindsay said...

Wow! That is really cool. It looks like it would be worth the drive.

Melissa said...

I went there once for the tulip festival and loved it. Those are really great pictures!

Alli said...

That was a fun day, I loved the waterfalls!!! I got really dizzy at the hights from above, though.

Jill Collier said...

I love the $2 Tuesday at the Museum! Such cute pictures!