Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A week to remember

It all started on FRIDAY night: dinner with all my sisters and their families!
Melissa, Emilee, me and Lindsay- I love my cute sisters!
SATURDAY- stop at "Cove Fort Days" and had a wagon ride

Play at Piute Reservoir

...and roast some hot dogs on the beach

I had to get a picture of this- Tommy had many firsts this day and this was one of them- eating a hot dog and a bun, together, at the same time!
MONDAY and TUESDAY: little trip to Brianhead- just John and me!

Getting ready for our ride in a Ranger.... this is the only way to see nature!

Cedar Breaks was cool... my eye infection, not so cool. Had to wear the shades to hide it!

WEDNESDAY- Back home to play with cousins!

You can't tell that these kids love these babies, no, not at all!

Being goofy with Jack and Lucy

WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY: The Suncrest 3 Nephi pageant!

Tommy adored his Nephite sisters. (Yes, they are wearing just a little bit of makeup!)

We're so glad that Great Grandma Plewe was there!

Thanks for inviting us to take part in this awesome project Grandma and Grandpa! These two are the reason that the pageant got started!

The behind-the-scenes man (always wearing black). John worked so hard to make sure the pageant had sound and lights! This is very important in a pageant done outside and at night! Thanks, John- you did a wonderful job!

The proud mom (also a behind-the-scenes person!)


Lindsay said...

You guys are staying busy! And having lots of fun too.

Crystal said...

How fun! Especially the get-away you and John had. I need one of those with Dustin. The pageant looks like fun too. I'm sure your girls did a great job--they always do. I wish we could have made it.

Shelley said...

Looks like a fun, summer week! I can't believe how many big productions you guys do! You're amazing!

Alli said...

That was a crazy and fun week!

Jill Collier said...

I'm glad you and John could get away for a little while! I love that picture with your sisters, so cute!