Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday sweet Rebecca!

Becca turned nine today. That's right n..i..n..e..! She is turning into a very sweet, creative, talented, amazing little girl! I can always depend on her to help me in whatever I may need. She is the best at finding things... and in a flash! We love you so much, Becca!

We had a big birthday extravaganza this weekend, starting with a surf 'n' swim party at the wave pool in Layton. We took a few girls from our new neighborhood- (and these cupcakes above, mixed, baked, and decorated by Becca!- are you supposed to have the birthday girl do that?... I'm not sure if it's proper, but she went ahead and did it while Tommy and Alli and I were at the store getting a gift! She loved it.) Anyhow, we took our little party to the pool and were extra relieved to get into the water! It was soooo hot! So, I did not catch any photos, because I was in the water too.

Rebecca had crepes for her birthday breakfast, and had them in bed! One with scrambled eggs, one with cream. Just cream, we ran out of strawberries! Then, we played "Bullah, bullah" and sang to her to find her gifts. You know that one, it's just the soft and loud game.

Her favorite gift (and the one I was most excited to get her!) was this:

A violin!! (rental... that is!) She played it all day and even gave us some performances in our family theater (more on that later) and played some notes for us! We think she's going to be a natural!


Shelley said...

What a fun idea to make her find her presents with the loud/quiet game! I may have to borrow that idea! Glad she had a fun birthday!

Alli said...

:) !!! :P